Well we’ve already made a statement before opening, and to support that statement let’s get it established at the very first that in this era of shooting games, the giants (like call of duty and pubg so on & so forth) have taken up so much of the attention and time (not that they don’t deserve it, but just that it’s a lot) that most of us miss out on experiences in terms of games that really need to be given a go, and developers that really need a round of applause for bringing in something worth the while and out of the box.

Nobody can deny the literal “game-changing” experience brought in by favorites like candy crush saga, subway surfers, angry birds or temple run, these games have made their mark and have targeted almost every demographic- and are, perhaps, the most played games in the world by users as versatile as they can get. But here, we’d care to mention games that are played by a large number of audience but are not appreciated enough by as large an audience as the prior mentioned games were able to acquire.

Alto’s adventure:

A 2D platform game by Noodlecake Studio Inc, engaging and easy gameplay for anybody to play. The game has a great feel to its environment and progresses in adventurous additions in the gameplay. Available on both android and IOS, the game falls in Action category and has managed to secure over 10M downloads since its release 4years ago. The game was appreciated a lot and still falls in editor’s choice on google playstore. And makes it as our first game in the category of must play games. The game communicates with you in a minimalist fashion and keeps everything in a very subtle and controlled balance.

Identity V-1 vs 4 Asymmetrical Combats:

Let’s simple take a minute to appreciate the aesthetics of this game before we go further. NetEase has managed to keep a great record with the quality of games it comes up with, every single one of their games is graphically pleasing along with having a great gameplay. Identity has so far surprised me the most with its story details, graphics and engagement. The game, yes, takes a lot of patience (and space in your phone) but as they say “all good things take time (to load)”
The communication and controls of the game are commendable and pretty easy to contemplate- You enter the game as a detective, the user experience is huge for something that comes on such a tiny screen, the gameplay however gets intense by the hour and is basically a 1 vs 4 battle.

Available for both, android and IOS- This game has managed to bag, over 10M downloads on google play store, in 2 years since it’s release which I think is not as remarkable as the game deserves.


A unique game by Tengle.games, which basically is a puzzle game and revolves around a little girl’s lucid dream- As appreciated as were the graphics and colors of the previous game, this game is completely black and white with a totally different feel and aesthetic to it.

The game gets frustrating at a point where you don’t know what next to do (as the game has no tutorials or hints at all), but that’s where you want to really figure out how the hell to escape.

Falling under the Adventure category, this escape game has managed to secure over 1M downloads in over 2 years since its release- and unluckily, it’s not available on IOS.

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