Oddly satisfying videos have been all over the place lately, you’d definitely have found yourself guilty of casually exploring the snapchat feed, and ending few hours later in watching Soap cutting, soap breaking, dominos falling, jenga falling or slime videos. These videos have the tendency to become one’s guilty pleasure- The thing with these videos is that they trigger ASMR – ASMR if you don’t already know, is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response! A tingling sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the spine. It’s considered a pleasant form of paresthesia, which is triggered with specific stimulus, the videos trending, mostly contain auditory and visual stimuli.
As far as games are concerned, games that excite you, do have a certain deal of impact in triggering ASMR. Like shooting games, thrillers, and ones with a very interesting plot twist or ending, but as far as adapting the ASMR video trend to games is concerned, gamers have tried and tried but nothing has impressed us so far. Games with even huge number of downloads have failed to trigger any sort of excitement or the original ASMR affect that the auditory or visual stimuli trigger.

Reason being that the oddly satisfying videos have a degree of open ended element to them, they operate on natural responses and possibilities, producing sounds that have been amplified to create a more focused effect. For instance the video of a flower shaped soap getting destroyed in a hand, each petal breaking, produces a different sound of a different intensity depending on the respective mass of the substance.

Games related to ASMR perhaps haven’t been paid this much attention to; to revoke an element of surprise in them or live up to the excitement and charm of auditory sensations produced while playing.

Slime games are a total disaster! The pleasant paresthesia arises as you physically hold the slime, because, It is basically a sensation that arises due to phenomena that one is tempted to do but are not considered doable (not because of difficulty, but simply because of the vanity). As in, Cutting glittered soap cubes with a paper cutter, breaking expensive, fancy soaps into tiny little pieces, adding whatever one wants to a slimy substance then twisting, molding, stretching it as per desire. Brutally breaking delicately shaped objects with intricate details.
The games, on the contrary are bothersome instead of being satisfying because you simply cannot hold the slime and mold it into shapes neither are the sounds as realistic as would be needed to trigger ASMR. The amount of downloads on them are a big fat question mark (This, I’m exclaiming as a user/critic and not as an app marketer!)
Some, (not to mention) mentions of these games are:

Smash DIY Slime – Fidget Slimy

By Brothers apps and games, the game has over 10M installs in a year after its release. And sadly all the critique does apply to this game.

Super Slime Simulator

A game by Dramaton, which also has secured over 10M downloads in over 2 years. And as much as  we expected from this game too, we could not enjoy it to any level. (no offense)

Not that I’m being completely unreasonable and giving no gamers the benefit of doubt here, these games have been trending on google and IOS, One that has(to some extent) been able to reach slightly to the degree of ASMR video satisfaction is,

Soap Cutting

A game by Crazy Labs and this has managed to secure over 10M downloads within simply 2 months of its release! Woah Mind Blown.
The Game deals with some good amount of mess created by the soap cutting and somehow gives a realistic feel to it. (sounds like we approve of this game)

However Gaming studios and you-tubers make videos with amplified sounds and whispers while playing games- which successfully qualify as ASMR trigger videos.

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