The gaming industry is facing an interesting dribble of different trends in the global market due to the ongoing situation, while on one hand major events and conferences (Like GDC for instance) have been postponed or delayed, on the other, the gaming market is experiencing an interesting slant in the graph. Where Steam experienced the busiest day of their working history last weekend, the Microsoft servers have been down due to user clutter, Counter Strike Global offensive seems to have experienced a great deal of increased engagement, surpassing their last month downloads by a million and Activision Blizzardz’ Call of duty – Warzone launch on march 10th had a flabbergasting fetch of 15million in 3 days!

With the ever increasing pressure in the air about life getting a halt, we cannot not emphasize on the importance of how much everybody misses their “routine” and regular life and what a blessing it seems, to think of dealing with the chaos of day-to-day life!
The situation can be as controlled as you carry it be, you have two ways to make it- either do it, or do it. As every responsible citizen is working-from-home to avoid getting exposed to or exposing people to be at risk from the Novel Corona Virus, not every industry can be at the best of performance or ability working remotely. The entertainment options for people have gotten extremely limited since no restaurants, play areas, cinemas or parks are open for public in the current lockdown situation. But as they say, in the darkest days, when everything else stopped, one turned to the artists.

In the current do or die (like literally drop dead die) situation, as artists, and as one of the industries that still can perform even being socially distant (lets ignore the fact that developers generally are socially extremely distant) the gaming studios are trying to meet the call of the hour by working hard remotely and providing the world with content that they need as an object of satisfaction while being (stuck) at home. Ignoring the levels of stress that they might be encountering on personal level, they are at disposal of the world doing their job – and as appreciation, they might not be in first line defense but are definitely somewhere in the 2nd, to help people fight boredom, depression and increasing levels of anxiety.

So, the point here is to let you guys know that we are at service for you and you can make the most out of this situation by socializing via games. Lay on the couch, and have the controller in your hand. This is the time where you can fulfil your dream to never have to go anywhere and be lazy in front of a gaming screen. Be it mobile games or video games, they can keep you socially distant yet connected, so sing the song of hygiene, stay strong, stay home and Play on, you got this!

*The objective here, is not to commercialize the idea of a pandemic or disease.