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Emily’s Tale Of Courage

In the long and lonely days of summer when Emily lost her parents and had no one and nowhere to go to, she found an old woman in the neighborhood, the loneliness of the two resonated at once and in no time they were all about each other. Granny became the parent Emily needed and the confidant she never had, and granny could reciprocate as Emily had filled her heart with love of the mother she could never become and always wanted to be. She forgot the stillness of her life with this charming and brave young girl. All Afternoons would go by as they played on the swings by the park every day, the void was filled with laughter.


Granny had spent her entire life with a good for nothing psychopath, who’d always been involved in mysterious activities. He developed a purposeful-control freak obsession with his wife. And Emily being around created a lot of jealousy and wrath in his head & heart.


Grandpa thought of putting an end to the newfound love and friendship that drove him insane. One day when Emily and granny were playing on the swings in the yard, grandpa took his axe and attacked Granny! Tortured and trapped her away.


Emily’s world fell apart again! She waited days and nights to see any signs of her granny the precious, but granny never came. Bad thoughts and evil possibilities scared her every minute and Finally, Emily decided to risk her life and go into the spooky mansion to find her Granny!


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